944 atmo et turbo

924S CS

"but doubt full there ever was a true Club Sport 924S produced"

4193 total 88 year model cars. 2190 for the US and 2003 for the ROW

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There is a 88 924S CS.

Only 980 CS option cars were built in total. I believe that is apart of the 4193 total cars for the year model.

500 units for USA. Option code was M756. LSD , Sunroof rear rock guard were optional, 15x6 phone dials (I think this was done at the dealership to keep the tires size the same) manual windows and locks, standard M030 suspension. Came with a SE medallion.

250 GER 200 black and 50 white cars

230 ROW 113 black and 117 white

ROW Paint finishes and interiors were only offered in two colour choices - Alpine White with Ochre/Grey detailing or Black with Turquoise detailing.

US was black only with optional SE Edition decal.

ROW The exterior side stripes were broken by scripted ‘LE Mans’ logos on the lower part of the door, while the rims of the holes in each wheel were in the appropriate Ochre or Turquoise. Inside, the cars featured sports seats.

ROW Upholstery was grey/ochre striped flannel cloth with ochre piping for Alpine White cars, or grey/turquoise with turquoise piping for Black cars.

US Interior was gray with maroon pinstriping, and maroon carpeting (upholstery is weak fabric and does not hold up to sun).

All the cars had the 360mm (14in) steering wheel, with, as a final flourish, the cloth door panels colour-coded to match the detail colours. All cars came with a 160 BHP engine plus an electric tilt/removable sunroof fitted as standard. It was also lowered 10mm (0.39in) at the front and 15mm (0.59in) at the rear, and fitted with stiffer springs and gas-filled shock absorbers all round. It was further given sport anti-roll bars with diameters of 21.5mm (0.85in) at the front but 20mm (0.79in), rather than 14mm (0.55in), at the rear. Wheels were ‘telephone dial’ cast alloy 6J x 15 at the front and 7J x 15 (at the rear).



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